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Backyard Fruit Orchards - Dwarf Trees, Small Footprint, High Yields.
Made In The Shade
-Free Garden Design Plans for Shade Gardens
The Shady Gardener - Ferns and Ferneries
Grow Dwarf Citrus Trees Indoors Botanical Mythology and Folklore
Nature and Garden Folklore The Real Victory Garden
Hacienda Garden Design Traditional Japanese Garden
Designing A Moon Garden Free Garden Design Plans
4 Season Gardening Calendar
- Northeast Region
Pennsylvania (USDA Hardiness Zone 5/6)
    -Native Plants and Their Attributes

Sacred Garden Designs 
- The Biblical Garden

Sacred Garden Designs
- Designing An Angel Garden
Sacred Garden Designs
- Designing A Mary Garden
Urban Gardening 
- Small spaces, balconies, terraces and patios.
Designing Community Gardens Garden-Based Education
The Mediterranean Garden Horticultural Therapy 
- Gardening and Farming For Veterans
The Italian Garden Korean Gardens
Shakespearean (Elizabethan) Gardens Rooftop Gardens
Design A Cutting Garden Rock Star Rock Garden
Fragrance Gardens Enabled, Accessible Gardens
Northeast Fruit Gardens Gardening During Wartime 
-When Our Food Was Rationed
Vintage Recipes
 - Homemade Jams and Preserves

Vintage Guides to Canning,  
Drying and Pickling

Victory Gardens and WWII Recipes Design A Foodscape
Awesome Gardening Links The Potager Kitchen Garden
Healing Gardens French Garden Design
Dwarf Trees In Pots Vegetable Garden Designs
Sacred Gardens 
-Meditation Garden Design
Sacred Gardens
 - Zen Garden
Sacred Gardens 
-Chinese Zen Gardens
Growing A Cottage Garden
Veggie Garden Designs
 - Old Farmer's Almanac
The Rain Garden
Simple Fruit Garden The ABCs of Gardening
- A Vintage Publication
Container Gardens Create A Bird Habitat
Homemade Bird Treats Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens
Bog Gardens Garden and Nature Quotes
Easy Garden Projects The Colonial Garden
Upcycled Garden Decor Best Gardening Links
Natural Fertilizers Natural Pesticides
Because A Rose Isn't Just A Rose 
-The Meanings of Flowers
X- Files - Xeriscaping
The Herbalist's Garden How My Garden Grows
Enchanted Gardens The Art of Mulching
Turn That Lawn into a Landscape Garden Crafts
Feed The Bees Succulent and Cactus Gardens
Permaculture Vintage Floral and Nature Illustrations
Aquatic Plants and Gardens Easy Cold Composting
The Bluebird - Symbol of  Happiness The Library

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