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Lots and Lots of Gardening and Design Subjects to choose from. 
This is the full-length listing of articles, so far. 
Please excuse the appearance of pages still in progress.

Designing A Theme For Your Garden or Landscape
click the subjects below that you'd like to learn about

 Garden For Hummingbirds A Garden Designed For Gathering
Favorite Perennials For Zone 6 Gardens
Heirloom Cottage Garden Front Yard Autumn Cut Flower Gardens
Colorful Flower Border Retreats Celestial Gardens
The Mediterranean Diet Vegetable Garden **Free Vegetable Garden Design Plans
The English Cottage Garden Formal English Gardens
Zodiac Theme Garden The Victory Garden
Italian Mini-Orchard and Flower Garden African American Heritage Garden
Celtic Knots and Parterres Heirloom "Grandmother's Garden"
Design An Autumn Perennial Garden The 50's Backyard and Garden
Latino Food Garden Salad Bar and Salsa Garden
Easy and Small Butterfly Gardens Herbal Tea Garden Retreat
Cottage Gardens Round Gardens
Native American Crops and Medicinal Herbs The Amish Farm and Garden
A Bird Habitat **Free Design Plans for Download**
Traditional Japanese Garden Korean Gardens
Therapeutic and Healing Gardens Herbalist's Garden
Space Saver and Urban Gardens - Dwarf Trees Butterfly and Pollinator Gardens
Enchanted Gardens Succulents and Cactus
A Secret Garden Victorian Gardens
The Moonlight Garden Haciendas
Veggie Garden Design
 -  The Old Farmer's Almanac
Foodscape Gardens
Espalier Fruit Tree Gardens Fruit Pie Gardens
Romantic Retreats Garden For The Endangered Monarch Butterfly
Evergreen Gardens Cold Climate Tropical Garden
Egyptian Gardens

Dutch Bulb Garden

Medieval Monastery and Castle Gardens Backyard Fruit Orchards - Dwarf Fruit Trees
Large Rockery Garden
Vertical Gardens Monet-Inspired Flower Garden
Wildflower Gardens and Mini-Meadows Tropical Retreats
Small-Space Fruit Orchard The "Stumpery" Garden
Gardens In The Shade Ferns and Ferneries
Urban Gardening 
- Small spaces, balconies, terraces and patios.
Horticultural Therapy Garden
- Gardens and Farming For Veterans
Design A Community Garden Enabled and Accessible Gardens
Mediterranean Courtyard/Patio Garden The Potager - Kitchen Gardens
Fragrance Gardens Formal French Gardens
Northeast Fruit Gardens Windowbox Gardens
The Italian Garden The Colonial Garden
Shakespearean (Elizabethan) Gardens Rooftop Gardens
Design A Cutting Garden Rock Star Rock Gardens
Food Gardens in Hanging Baskets Vegetable Gardens
Simple Fruit Garden  Joys of Hobby Farming
Container Gardens Rain Gardens
From Lawn To Landscape
-Water Wise Gardens
X- Files - Diary of a Xeriscapist
Bog Gardens Aquatic Plants and Gardens

Creatng Sacred Spaces and Serenity Gardens

Dedicated Mary Gardens Mary Gardens
-The Symbolic Flowers and Herbs
Faith and Prayer Gardens Biblical Gardens
- Plants and Medicines Grown during biblical times
Serenity, Meditation and Yoga Gardens Feng Shui In The Garden
Native American Three Sisters Gardening Native American Medicine Wheels
Patrons and Saints of Gardens and Gardeners A Garden of Angels
Sacred Gardens of The Cloisters Traditional Judaic Gardens
Zen Gardens Meditation Garden
Gardens of Baháʼí  Traditional Chinese Zen

 Gardening How-To's and Advice
Many of these pages contain a photo gallery of the flowers and plants in my own gardens

Grow Big, Fat, Juicy Strawberries
Growing Spectacular Lilies The Giant Hibiscus and Rose of Sharon
- Easy cottage style and tropical feel
Diseases of Ornamental 
Perennials and Trees

Horticultural Guide Downloads 
For The Home Gardener

Easy-To-Grow Romantic Peonies Pests and Diseases
Download Care Sheets
Victory Garden Canning and Preserving
- Vintage Guides to Canning, Drying and Pickling

Wartime Victory Gardens
- Food Security Was A Patriotic Duty

WWII Victory Gardens and Rationing Recipes

Forced Sustainability  
- When Our Food Was Rationed
Japanese Maples in Pots Fruit Tree Chill Hours Map
-next year's fruit harvest depends on it 
Old-Fashioned Gardening Wisdom Dwarfing Standard Fruit Trees
The Urban Chicken Container Plants -  The "Spillers"
Native American Prayers
- Mother Earth And Great Spirit
Native American Herbal Medicines
Ancestral Native Pueblo Farming
- Waffle Gardens and Harvesting Rainwater
Ancient Earth-Based Religions
And Nature Spirituality
The Immigrants and The Fig Tree Growing Fig Trees in Northern States
Ornamental Vines Ornamental Grasses
Nature and Garden Folklore Botanical Mythology and Legends
 A Rose Isn't Really Just A Rose 
-The Meanings of Flowers
Companion Planting 
- Plants That Love or Hate Each Other

A Dog Parent's Guide To Toxic Garden Plants

Homemade Bird Treats
Central Park Conservatory Gardens, NYC Garden Art - Medieval Manuscripts
4 Season Calendar of Gardening Chores
The  Northeast Region
Pennsylvania (USDA Hardiness Zones 5/6)
    -Native Plants and Their Attributes
Vintage Jams and Preserves Recipes Legend of The Bluebird
Growing Clematis Vines Grow Dwarf Citrus Trees Indoors
Sell Veggies At Farmers Markets Selling Your Cut Flowers at Market
The Value of Gardens and Nature-Based Education The ABCs of Gardening
-A Very Vintage Publication
Easy Garden Projects Garden Crafts
Upcycled Garden Decor Permaculture
Natural Fertilizers Natural Pesticides
Save Our Food Supply - Protect The Bees Groundcovers
Easy Cold Composting The Art of Mulching
Homemade Garden Soil Recipes Some Pretty Awesome Gardening Links
Recommended Growers and Nurseries Garden and Nature Quotes

Vintage garden/nature theme graphics collections have their own directory here.

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