This is a beautiful ow-maintenance layout of native plants to attract songbirds to your garden. It's pretty easy to care for, and you'll probably attract pollinators as well.

Feel free to substitute colors and plants that are hardy in your region's planting zone. Attracting and caring for birds is a worthwhile endeavor. Since i've designed my own, i have not had the invading pests my neighbors deal with, and i can sit in my gardens in the evenings without being bitten by flying blood-sucking creatures. My roses almost never have aphids. Attracting songbirds and all others will create an environment to keep them safe, and will also help our farms and food chain.

Grow the suggested plants in-ground or in pots, or both. I prefer pots. If you live in an urban setting where soil is almost or thoroughly non-existent, pots are the way to go. I can move entire garden themes all over the yard according to my whims. So don't let the lack of space or soil stop you. You can grow this theme as a vertical garden if you have only a balcony or small courtyard to plant in. Use tiered garden shelves, trellises and hanging pots. Whatever size or configuration that works for you will be beautiful.

Potted plants are easy to care for and move, and can also be planted with more than one variety of plant from this listing. I keep re-configuing my beds, so potted is the way to go for me. I also overwinter some finicky plants. Bringing pots indoors is convenient for me.

Substitute plants should have the attributes favored by songbirds - e.g., produces seed, berries, fruit or shelter, and be wildflower or prairie species. Grow it in a sheltered area and eliminate predators. Especially cats. Fence it in if you can, with ornamental fencing available at most home centers and garden suppliers. If you can, plant it near trees and shrubs that the birds can use to shelter and to raise their young.

You can expand this design to fit the dimensions of a large landscape. This plan is beautiful as a surround around a butterfly/pollinator garden. Plant 2 of these half-circle layouts across from and facing each other, and plant a butterfly garden in the middle. This would now be a lovely circular design for attracting birds and pollinators. Add fountains and birdbaths within the center. Add agastache for hummers and butterfly bushes and Butterfly weed for Monarchs. If you would like to have a cozy seating area in the center between 2 gardens, add a garden bench or a small bistro set in the middle, between the 2 halves of your layout.

Place decorative items where you wish, and add a solar fountain or two, or additional birdbaths wherever you like. I would add a few decorative items and birdbaths among plants in the back and/or front rows.

I would also add native plants that bear berries in fall and winter. Below is an image from my collection, of a bird-friendly postcard designed in 1910. Besides benefitting by hearing birdsong every day, you will be helping to save crops and eliminate bugs, thereby eliminanting the need for chemical pesticides. I would have eliminated the stalking cat at the bottom of the card.

Below are images of plants used in the layout above. For plants that come in more than one color, choosing a color is relative to what you love.

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