These designs were chosen for creating an easy care garden filled with beautiful native plants. All designs are favored by birds and many pollinators. Add seating areas, decor and art to create a garden theme, if you wish. For instance, I believe that no garden is complete without at least one birdbath, bird feeder and birdhouse. At least one small seating area. And windchimes. But that's me.

You can easily substitute your favorite plants in place of those suggested by choosing plants that thrive in your hardiness zone, and those that share the same attributes, e.g., color, height, water needs, bloom times, etc.

Pick your favorites or download all of them. 
The following plans are created as images, as shown below. These images are downloadable in high quality .png format. 

Right click each plan to save to your laptop, phone or tablet, and take them along to your favorite local plant nursery when you're ready to plant your garden. They will have the native plants you're looking for, that will thrive in your region and in your garden. 

Click here for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation list of native plants


Feel free to place and scatter rocks of various sizes throughout the garden. I would add a birdbath here and there, as well as bird feeder poles. 
The rocks will also help birds and pollinators to dry themselves after a dip or a drink from the fountain.

Click here for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation list of native plants

Native Garden layout sources
Prairie Nursery
Missouri Prairie Foundation
Grow Native
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Click here for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation list of native plants


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