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Projects were edited to condense or eliminate certain items. Most of the instructions are minus the ads and the store catalog suggestions for the materials. I like to choose my own brand of materials and where I buy them. Brand names will remain where they're appropriate or recommended. If you're handy with tools and materials, you will be able to adjust the steps and instructions to your Better Way to do it.


  • 3 - 6-ft white fan trellises
  • Colonial ball top or finial
  • White cable ties
  • 6-in terra-cotta pot (terra cotta is best to hold the pieces together with weight to keep it steady on the ground.
  • Liquid Nails adhesive
  • satin spray paints, White and any other color you like.


No digging out....
Form the Basket
Use an old wire basket or form one from galvanized steel field fencing cut to size. Cut and fold a portion of the wire fencing inward to serve as the base, then attach it to the stump with wire tacks. To extend the life of the tree stump and discourage insects, apply a preservative, such as polyurethane, to the stump before starting the project.
Pack With Moss
Soften a bale of sphagnum moss by soaking it in water for about half a minute. Fill the perimeter of the basket by compressing the moss in and around the wire frame.
Add Soil
Fill the basket with a soilless potting mix containing fertilizer. For a 4-foot-diameter stump like this one, you'll need about three 2 cubic-foot bags. This is a large tree stump. 
Moisten the Planter
Tamp the soil gently to remove air pockets, and then moisten to settle the soil. Add more soil mix to the level of the basket rim.
Add your choice of plants. 
To fill the sides, carefully dig holes through the moss liner, and push plant roots through the gaps until making contact with the soil mix. Add extra moss to hide any wire that shows after planting.

-adaptations of Lowe's outdoor projects

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