Pest and Disease Management

County extension identification and remedy sheets for download. 
Most are from my regional extension and pertain to ornamentals and fruits in the 
northeast. Many care sheets pertain to diseases and pests that are a problem nationwide. 
Gardeners grow some ornamentals as annuals, or in pots or greenhouses, that are not 
hardy or native in their regions, so info will be gathered on those ornamentals, as well. 
Check with your county extension service for detailed local information.

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Pests and Diseases -  Hardy Fruit trees and Shrubs

A sampling of commonly-known and reported threats

Fire Blight in Ornamental Trees and Shrubs


Slugs and Field Crops
-Slugs can eat virtually all crops

Peach curl fungus (in nectarines, too)

Phytophthora Root Rot On Woody Ornamentals

2021 - Brood X - The destructive  17-year Cicada

Plum Pox Virus- A serious disease caused by a virus. Infects plums, peach, nectarines, apricot, almond, cherry.

Pa. Strawberry disease 2021

Strawberries - gray mold/ Botrytis fruit rot

Broad Mites on Blackberries

Strawberry Bud Weevil or Strawberry Clipper - one of Pa.'s most destructive strawberry pests.

Stone Fruit Disease - Rhizopus Rot Peach Tree Borer - it also attacks apricot, cherry, and plum trees.

Japanese Beetle - Adults feed on nearly 300 different host plants.

Apple Blossom End Rot

Apple Disease - Alternaria Blotch

Apple and Pear - Mucor Rot
The disease is a post-harvest storage problem.

Apple Trees - Codling Moth - occurs throughout most of the world, wherever apples are grown.

Nematode-caused Diseases On Woody Ornamentals

Pear Leaf blight and fruit spot -  infects the leaves, fruit, and shoots of pear and quince trees and the leaves of apple trees.

Plum Curculio Beetle -injurious pest of apples, cherries, nectarines, peaches, and plums

Fruit Tree Diseases - Brown Rot, Fire Blight, Root Rots

Crown Gall on Grapevines

San Jose Scale - a pest of fruit trees, it attacks many other trees as well as shrubs.

Raspberries - Mosaic Virus - Mosaic affects all raspberries.

Powdery Mildew- Peach, Nectarine, and Apricot

Insect and Nematode Pests in Grapes

Nematodes in Orchards

Cherry Disease - Bacterial Canker 



Diseases of Ornamental
Perennial Plants, Shrubs and Trees




Azalea and Rhododendron


Rose Diseases

Ornamental Cherry Diseases

Japanese Maple Scale

Bacterial Diseases Of Ornamentals

Powdery mildew

Diagnosing Damage To Woody Ornamentals

Boxwood Blight

Fall Webworm - Similar to the Tent Caterpillar

Aphids on Ornamental Trees and Shrubs



Horticultural Guides For The Home Gardener

Microgreens At Home


Clematis - "Queen of The Vines" Stink Bugs Growing Mums

Pennsylvania Native Perennial Plants

List of Long-Blooming Perennials Hellstrip Planting - those ugly bare strips 
between the sidewalk and the street

Home Garden Blueberry Selections - you can have crops to harvest from July through mid-September

Pennsylvania List of Invasive Plant Species

Controlled Plant and Noxious Weeds List

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