1904 - Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Perennial Flowers and Plants WWII Wartime and Victory Garden Recipes
Original Victory Gardens - Wartime Canning Original Victory Gardens- Vegetable Recipes
1943- Victory Gardens -USDA pamphlet Pillsbury's Wartime Baking Cookbook
Vintage Jams and  Preserves Victory Gardens - How, When, And What to Plant
Wartime Sugar Rationing Recipes Victory Gardens - Stretch Your Sugar Ration
1943 - Garden For Victory  
1890 - Methods of Canning Fruits and Vegetables 1914 - Preserving and Canning: A Book For The Home Economist
1908-Recipes for the preserving of fruit, vegetables and meat  1914 -Preserving and Pickling
1939 - Cookery in Wartime 1917 - Canning Recipes
1917-200 recipes for Preserves, Jellies,  Marmalades and Pickles 1917  Home Canning By The Cold Pack Method
1918 - Everywoman's Canning Book 1919 - Preservation of Food: Home Canning, 
Preserving, Jelly Making and Pickling
1918 - Home and Farm Food Preservation  1920 - Dehydrating
1920 - Book For All Households: Or The Art of 
              Preserving Animal and Vegetable Substances
 1944 Canning Guide
1945 - Home Canning of Meat  1948 - Canning Questions 
1917 - Save Money On Food  The Whole Art of Curing, Pickling and Smoking
1935 - Wildflowers and Ferns - Rare, Unusual and 
           Beautiful Varieties For Your Wildflower Garden 
The ABC's of Gardening
1898 - Fern Gardens 1912 - Making Rock Gardens
Book of Small Gardens and How to Make the Most of Them 1904 - A Garden With A House Attached
1874-Pleasant Talk About Fruits, Flowers and Farming 1917-Gardening For Little Girls
1910 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening - A-C 1912 - Amateur Gardencraft
1965-  USDA publication - Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables 1920- A Little Preserving Book For A Little Girl
1976- Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes and USDA Favorites The Complete Herbal - Dr. Nicholas Culpepper. 
  Medicinal and Occult Qualities, The Cure of All Disorders
  Incident to Mankind.
1960s - Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking 1915 - Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit among the "Pennsylvania Germans"
1912 - The Golden Rule Cookbook -600 Recipes for Meatless Dishes 1891 - Exerpts From The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees
Government Printing Office
1891-Exerpts from "Medicine-Men of the Apache" - US Army 1908-Exerpts from "Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants"

These downloads were lovingly created, and are courtesy of marysbloomers.com for your enjoyment and knowledge.

Some of these vintage publications were created as .pdfs from digitized versions of USDA brochures, and books in the public domain, including exerpted components and compilations..



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