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Gardening by the moon, sun, stars and planets isn't new, nor is it a new-agey thing to be mocked and discarded. Since the beginning of time, astrologers, kings, queens, physicians, and farmers followed astrology in when making their important decisions, ancient farmers and gardeners have planted by the phases of the moon, and harvested when it's the best time, according to weather, equinox, zodiacal positioning, and solstices. A few trips through The New Farmer's Almanac is full of these traditions, beliefs and practices that have been proven to succeed, and are still followed by many gardeners. There is a definite Best Time to do everything in a garden, and the ancients have discovered how the weather, gravitational pull,  and the positioning or movement of heavenly bodies affects growth and harvest. 

Most cultures study weather and astonomical occurrences and developed gardening and farming traditions that work. Native Americans, the Amish, Aztecs and Egyptians are just a few cultures that viewed the sky and elements for successful agricultural methods. Gardening and astrology and perfect partners in a practical sense, and beautiful in the garden design sense. Think of Feng Shui, Chinese astrology and the concept of design and flow of chi (our personal energy). Astrology has been a part of gardening and the design of our spaces for a long time.

Artwork throughout the centuries have used flowers and birthdays as symbols of personality, esteem and growth. There are countless numbers of flower "people" - mostly ladies - depicted on cards and vintage illustration depicting garden settings, with each flower person representing a particular birth month. Some astrologists and astrology followers consider the characteristics below as representational of each birth month, in a very generalized fashion, open to interpretation  from your own personal perspective. Your zodiac flower sign personality may differ, according to life experiences, environment and nurturing.

Birth Month Flower Signs

Born: March 21 April 19
Zodiac Sign: Aries

Born: April 20 May 20
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Born: May 21-June 20
Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Born: June 21 July 22
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Born: July 23 August 21
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Born: August 22 September 22
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Born: September 23 October 22
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Born: October 23 November 21
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio


Born: November 22 December 21
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Born: December 22 January 21
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Born: January 22 February 19
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Born: February 20 March 20
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

The sun, itself, is a symbol all cultures and gardeners have worshipped and revered for it's obvious importance in growing and caring for earth's living things. That reverence can be reflected in a Celestial Garden, with sun, moon and stars decor, and represented by certain flowers, plants and colors in an Astrology or Zodiac Garden.

An ornamental garden with an astrological and celestial theme would include symbolism of each of the birth signs, along with the plants and colors associated with that symbol. I prefer to design a zodiac garden with flower symbols, but rather in my choice of color. If you're garden is to be truly harmonious with your emotional and serenity needs, the choice of plant colors is entirely up to you in each group. For instance, my sign mentions red roses - they may be suited to my sign, but they're not my favorite, so roses in that wedge of the astrology pie would be pink white or yellow. Because if i did favor red roses, it would have already been purposely planted in my gardens. Another flower color might be perfectly suited to another sign, but it's not my sign..... so colors must suit me. The flowers and plants suggested must be correct, but the color and arrangement is entirely yours.

Ideally, you would create 12 distinct areas in a circle to represent the signs of the zodiac. The zodiac garden can be whatever shape you like, but you must have all 12 signs planted together in the same designated space in your garden. Don't have 12 different clusters of symbolic plants and flowers all over the garden Put the 12 beds in one unmistakable area. A circular garden bed is best, and here's how you can design a basic circular garden for its background. The zodiac or astrology garden theme can only be held together in a unified design within the same dedicated area. Otherwise, all you really have is a colorful and groovy-looking backyard flower garden. The 12 areas would have a focal point area in it's center. Whether that's a sundial, globe, obelisk, fountain, a celestial decorative item, a small seating area, or something related to Nature, the centerpiece is up to you, and it ties in the 12 sections of your zodiac garden.

It doesn't have to be a round garden..... Create a square with 12 "rays"of any size, and a focal point in the center. Map it out, use strings tied to stakes to mark out each wedge, and use cedar boards or stones to outline each ray. Add well-draining potting soil and compost, and add your plants. You can mix each sign's flower with herbs and veggies in each ray, or around the focal point in the center, if you like. I'm sure you can find or make garden markers with the name of  each sign of the zodiac to place within each of the 12 rays.

Flower Favorites and Astrology - Birth flowers and favorite plants for each sign
Specific flowers are found to be most  appealing to those who belong to a specific astrological sign.
There are several flowers for each sign, so you can color-match your pie wedges or beds to coordinate.

Astrological Sign Birth Flower Flowers and Plants that symbolize your astrological sign
Fill each of the 12 wedges, or "rays" of the zodiac with favorite flowers for each sign.
Aries Thistle and Honeysuckle  Opuntia cactus (prickly pear), celosia (cockscomb), thorn-bearing shrubs, red roses, tulips, red peppers, amaryllis flowers
Taurus Rose, Poppy and Foxglove  Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus), scented stock, fruit-bearing trees, lavender, lilac, aster, lily of the valley, sweet pea flowers
Gemini Lavender and Lily of the Valley  Solanum (Winter cherries), ranunculus, maidenhair fern (Addiantum), solidago (goldenrod), acacia (mimosa, wattle), daffodil, nut-bearing trees, cactus
Cancer White Flowers, especially Roses  Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), Ammi (Queen Anne's lace), delphinium, ferns, plumbago, passionflower, hydrangea, iris flowers
Leo Marigold and Sunflower Safflower (Carthamus), croton, Joseph's coat (Codiaeum), marigold, gerbera, crocosmia, dahlia, clivia, sunflower
Virgo Bright small flowers Monkshood (Aconitum), hypericum (St John's wort), chrysanthemum, eucalyptus, veronica, violet, ivy, thistle flowers
Libra Bluebells and large Roses Chincherinchee (Ornithogalum), Moluccella (bells of Ireland), Cymbidium orchid, gardenia, tea roses, tuberose, freesia, gladiolus flowers
Scorpio Dark red flowers Venus fly trap (Dionaea), Alpinia (pink ginger), Amaranthus (love lies bleeding), red hot poker (Kniphofia), hibiscus, peony, cactus, anthurium flowers
Sagittarius Carnation Eremurus (foxtail lily), eustoma (lisianthus), Liatris (blazing star), carnation, crocus, muscari, berried plants, allium flowers
Capricorn Pansy and Ivy Statice, holly, African violet, ivy, philodendron, kentia palm, snowdrop, jasmine flowers
Aquarius Orchid Eryngium (sea holly), arum lily (Zantedeschia), bird of paradise (Strelitzia), pitcher plant (Sarracenia), banksia, protea, yucca, aloe flowers
Pisces Water Lily  Madonna lily (Lilium candidum), Euphorbia marginata, Cyperus (papyrus), stephanotis, jasmine, lilac, narcissus, gypsophilia



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