Mary's Bloomers Plant Care and How-To Pages


How To Care for Potted dwarf and standard ornamentals, vines, 
and fruit trees, and How To Make Your Own Stuff.


The following articles tell you what the experts say is the proper care of particular plants
and also tell you how I take care of my trees, which are successfully grown in pots and
in elevated raised beds. Where the advice or experience differs, i will point that out.

My small-space urban orchard is young, and i'll update as i go along. I am squeezing in a surprisingly large number of edibles with my ornamentals. I use all parts of my landscape canvas - Tall verticals, ground-levels, middle ground raised beds, and understory. Almost all of my trees and vines are cold-hardy for my planting zone, but some favorite fruit trees are not, and they sleep it off all winter indoors. The challenge is to get all of it right at the right time - get the chill hours that some plants need to fruit next year, not to kill off trees that don't like the cold, but also don't like it indoors, keeping them dormant indoors, but keeping them alive long enough to come out of dormancy and go back outside in the spring without shocking and killing them. Good luck, right? These care sheets will eventually be available as .pdf downloads.


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