A Chakra Garden another easy-to-grow example of Zen or Serenity Garden, and one in which you can meditate or retreat in a natural setting, while focusing on energy centers of the body. Several Eastern religions and philosophies, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, consider chakras to be centers within our  bodies energy is concentrated. The chart shown above shows you the meanings of each Chakra. Chakras are common in yoga and meditation. The word chakra is from Sanskrit, and it means wheel. The 7 chakras are considered rotating centers that are connected with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

The 7 chakras  are linked to our vital organs, emotions and are represented by colors. There are many chakras throughout the body, but there are 7 major chakras. Chakras are not part of the physical body, but these chakras are said to be located within it, next to the spine in a path from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The concept of aura is also linked to your 7 chakras, and it consists of 7 different layers. 7's are apparently important - and because of that, i might place items in groups of 7 to add to the symbolism in my garden. Rocks or stones, or groups of 7 plants, for instance.

A chakra garden reflects each of the seven chakras by highlighting the color and the element associated with that particular chakra, adding fragrant plantings, and including distinct focal points if you are using the garden for meditation. You don't have to meditate or do yoga here. It can be a Zen or Serenity Garden used for reflection, or a peaceful and healing retreat, focusing on the body's energy centers. The Chakra garden could be quite colorful if you use bold and muted shades of the main Chakra colors. Each garden section or bed contains symbols, shapes, sculptures, and medicinal plants that resonate with one of the classic seven chakras. Energy patterns are connected throughout nature. There are 7 colors in a rainbow, and they always appear in a specific order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. All of the 7 chakra colors also appear in that same order, within your body's energy centers. 

You can begin to design any size and shape of ornamental garden you choose. Prepare 7 separate areas for the Chakra garden beds as a sole theme, or as part of a larger garden or landscape. For instance, you can have the 7 chakras represented within a Buddha or Hindu Garden, or plant single beds in one area devoted only to the chakras. Choose the representing plants to fit in with your design, in proper heights, and with the attributes you desire (e.g., choose perennial vines and shrubs in dwarf and standard sizes in the colors connected with the chakra. Plant in-ground or in decorative pots). There is no need for a particular order or layout, just concentrate on space and particular colors. Each color and ornament represents the 7 colors in the entire chakra. Plant what and where it feels and looks good. Use as many flowers as you can with a sweet fragrance, and feel free to add herbs to the bed for healing and culinary purposes. 

Consider growing an Ayurveda herb garden in the center, or at the edges of the chakra garden. You can also grow groupings of Ayurvedic herbs within each of the 7 spaces.

I choose to design my gardens to display trees, shrubs and flowers in pots, rather than in ground. Easy to care or and moveable. Dwarf fruit and ornamental trees can give height or be a focal point in each of the 7 chakra planting areas.

First things first - A garden or meditation bench, or perhaps a small table and chair bistro grouping for seating is a must. I would place these in the most desirable spots, and then i would plant around them. I use long bamboo benches within quiet spaces that are perfect for Zen gardens of all types, and mine fold up for winter storage. You can add the benches after you plant. I just use the seating as my beginning points. You can also add seating in a totally separate area within the 7 sections or right in the middle. If this will be your meditation garden, as well, set up a lightweight, backless bench in a place where you can see the whole chakra garden or place it in the chakra area that you will be reflecting upon, as you meditate.

Incorporate rocks, gravel stone, and small water features. Fire can be represented by candles (traditional for meditation or prayer) and small solar string lights on shrubs, trees, or arches. A combination of these on plants and hardscapes is beautiful, and will get you outside to enjoy your garden on warm evenings.

Plants and Colors Representing the Chakra

First chakra - Choose plants with a red color for the first chakra, Muladhara. Consider plants with red flowers as well as some with red foliage or red berries, either year-round or in the fall. This chakra is associated with the earth element, so choose a rock or a stone for your meditation focal point.

Second chakra - plants with orange color in the segment representing the second chakra, Svadhisthana. The water element is associated with this chakra, so include a water feature of any size, such as a fountain or bowl containing water plants or floating foam lotuses. These can be found in pond and pool supply stores.. Add birdbaths and a feeder for welcoming feathered friends. Birdsong is beautiful and soothing and that is the reward.

Third chakra - Use yellow plants in the third chakra segment, Manipura. No need to use just yellow flowers, but use flowers with yellow as a main or contrasting color. Fire is associated with the third chakra. Candles or solar lanterns would be the added element.

Fourth chakra - Use shades of green and foliage plants for the Anahata chakra. Use herbs and perennial foliage plants, and and add dwarf ornamental grasses for height and movement in this area.  Representing this chakra is the element of air, and fragrant plants are perfect here. This is where i would plant my dwarf potted bamboos and add my potted Jade Trees. Green is the dominant color for this chakra, but the variegated leaves and flowers on many of these plants will add other colors and interest. Best example: Camellias are evergreen shrubs with beautiful, glossy leaves. Their blossoms are shaped like little roses, and they come in various colors. Choose plants that will be green and dominate that area for most of the year. There are many beautiful evergreen foliage plants to choose from. Textures may be varied as well, if you use dwarf evergreen conifers and arborvitae, and add feathery ferns if you have shade.

Fifth chakra - Use blue flowers in the fifth segment, representing the Vishudda chakra. Plant blue morning glories or clematis on trellises and fences, plant any perennial blue creepers, like Blue Star Creeper (aperennial ground cover that hugs the ground and creates a pretty carpet), Blue Irises (or with the main color blue) is beautiful here. Also, blue bellflowers, bluebells, blue  Hummingbird Mint and hyacinths. My vision is a lot of blue flowers with pops of yellow flowers in the garden, or a yellow color as part of a blue flower. You can have an all-blue planting and use the yellow Creeping Jenny as a beautiful groundcover that's stunning. Creeping Jenny is a bright yellow-green, spreads and is low on the ground. It is a perennial spreads out into a fan shape and eliminates weeds. It also makes a great "spiller" at the base of plants and trees in pots. This color with the blue flowers in the garden is quite beautiful.

Sixth chakra - Use purple flowers and foliage plants for the Ajna chakra, in the sixth segment. This chakra is associated with intuition. Use any shades of purple - from pale lavender to a deep purple-black. Irises steal the show in this color planting. Add purple/black foliage shrubs or plants like laceleaf Elderberry as a focal point. There are hundreds of perennial plants in this color family. Groundcovers are also abundant in purple shades. Dwarf purple ornamental plum trees are beautiful as potted focal points, as well as evergreen foliage plantings. Dwarf Ruby Falls Redbud is gorgeous narrow and weeping ornamental tree that can be grown in pots. Lilacs, butterfly bushes, clematis and other vines, and Agastache (Hummingbird Mint) are perennials that are available in this color family and will add fragrance and attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. Grow a few purple hyacinths and tulips for your spring show, if you wish. Lavender and violets are very pretty together, and the lavender will add much to the fragrances.

Seventh chakra - Use white flowers for the seventh chakra, the Sahasrara. This chakra represents our higher self. There are many beautiful perennial plants that come in white. White Star Creeper, Snow in Summer, white creeping Phlox and Candytuft are beautiful ground covers. Madonna and Casa Blanca Lilies and several stunning varieties of border and tall lilies add fragrance and evoke a sense of purity. White irises make beautiful backdrops for any garden sculpture, like Buddha, for instance White jasmine, white wisteria and honeysuckle vines add beautiful fragrance and height, and are very ornamental. Also use white hyacinths, tulips and daffodils for the early spring blooms. Lilacs come in white, as do Butterfly Bushes. Giant Hardy Hibiscus will give a cottagey feel and draw hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to the gardens. Stunning along a fence, these are tall and perennial plants. For fall blooming, plant white Chrysanthemums, which come in a lot of different heights and bloom at a few different times. You can plant clusters of white perennial gladioli in pots and in-ground. Dwarf Chinese Fringe Trees and gorgeous and their fragrance is lovely. This can be a focal point plant in a large pot.  Varieties of feathery perennial Astilbe is pretty. For fruit, consider growing the dwarf white mulberry tree, or the white Carolina Pineberry (a variety of strawberry that tastes like strawberry and pineapple) in pots and in raised, elevated garden beds.

Decor For The Chakra Garden

Add Buddha or Hindu ornamental sculptures, cranes and egrets, lotus flower sculptures, candles and solar lanterns and lights. Add bamboo or cedar benches where you will want to spend the most time in seclusion or for enjoying the fragrances.

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