*Image used in the graphic above was created with 18th c. artwork from a series of  vintage Japanese woodblock engravings.

Artists, Crafters and Bloggers - Download curated free and premium vintage art packages to decorate your personal (non-commercial) blog. Large collections in vintage-themed categories.

***This site is designed and enhanced for viewing on p.c.'s, laptops and tablets. It is obviously image-intensive and there are several large graphics and.zip downloads per page - you migt not be able to download these sizes to your phone.

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Full descriptions of the free graphics are on these pages. 
You will have the opportunity on some download pages to purchase a large premium package of 
hard-to-find digitally enhanced vintage imagery in the same or similar theme. These are my personally 
curated graphics collections developed over the course of decades, and they cover many unique themes.

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Most of our images are created in high quality, hi dpi .jpg or .png format - .pngs are excellent as a lossless method of creating and saving graphics - you can save multiple times and your image doesn't lose it's quality. Some of the graphics are created as high quality .gifs. A few printable designs might be in .pdf format for you to easily download and print.

Be sure you have software to accommodate the files (.pdf reader and an .zip file unzipper, as well as graphics editor/photo editor software to open, edit or create your images). If you need to acquire this software, there are a lot of free ones available to use online, or to save to your computer.

Please empty your cookies and temp files, as well as your recycle bin, to make room on your computer for our graphics collections, because there is no refund and no duplicate link made available for the premium packages, for obvious reasons. Our files are tested regularly to be sure that they download properly. Regular computer file housekeeping will be worth your while.

Payment for Premium Collections
We accept PayPal as payment for our premium collection downloads from this site..
Premium downloads will process through PayPal, and a link provided after payment will be given to you for your download. 
Most free graphics are downloaded directly from this site, unless the file is large. Those downloads are too large for us to store, 
so they are hosted elsewhere and they are safe for downloading. Including from Payloadz and our Google Drive accounts.
Most free graphics are downloaded from this site, and some from our Payloadz storage account. 
It costs you nothing, and files are tested regularly

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We will make many of these and similar larger graphics collections, along with junk 
journaling and scrapbooking graphics available at a discount, from our new Etsy Shop!
Etsy graphics packages will be listed with the premium graphics.


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- Vintage and Historical Graphics, Botanical/Natural History 
Curated Photographs, Paintings and Print Ephemera. A more detailed list.

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Free Downloads - Photographs and Vintage Prints

Free Printables - Vintage Garden and Florals

Vintage Ethnic and Cultural

Our very special category of Premium Japanese 
Woodblock Paintings graphics is in progress. Watch This Spot!

Fantasy, Folklore, Religion and Mythology 
- Pre-Rafaelite and Children's Fairytale Illustrations

Specially Curated Pre-Raphaelite and Similar Art Graphics 
Collections free and premium images - full index of artists-->

Free Vintage Beauty and Glamour Graphics

Vintage Print Advertising

Vintage Greeting Card Art -  Victorian to Mid-Century

Religious Greetings and Verses Vintage Floral Greetings- in progress

Free Vintage Holiday Graphics

Bringing Back Animated Snowglobes and Snow Scenes

Premium Animated Vintage Greetings and Graphics Collections
These are special graphics, large and very time-consuming to create. They take up an enormous amount of space.
Purchase of these graphics helps pay for the time in maintaining a site as large as this one, and creating zip files.
We are not sponsored, nor do we get commissions from outside businesses. 
Thank you in advance for any "donations" for the time invested in creating them throgh your purchases.


Free Vintage Homekeeping and Housewifery

Art Nouveau/Deco

Free Vintage Fantasy and Folklore 
Illustrations from Children's Books and Vintage Greeting Cards


Vintage Garden Graphics



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Use: Vintage art collections are primarily sourced from vintage public domain post- and greeting card fronts, old magazines, vintage ads, vintage children's books, old bibles, illuminated manuscripts, calendar art, vintage museum catalogs, vintage stationery, old print books, art show and auction catalogs, botanical and biological soures, nursery catalogs, etc. These are high quality graphics, not typical clipart.

Free and premium hi res, altered and enhanced curated graphics collections are for personal use in creating your own art for crafting/commercial printing, unless otherwise stated ~ Your altered images from these collections may be used in any way you wish in your crafts, printed or graphics design projects.
- The base images we used were from several vintage sources, were declared to be copyright free, discovered in the public domain, and we catalogued and curated in sets. Some have been curated for more than two decades.  Our curated and packaged collection downloads, enhancements, edits, cropping, resizing, increasing dpi, hosting, zipping and other formats for uploading/downloading, testing and maintenance of files means that the created sets and the curated collections and downloads, not the original artwork, are our copyright. These may not be shared, posted, or sold.
- Feel free to use any graphics you  like for any uses you like for your art projects, and feel free to sell the printed items you make with these images. 
The individual  images contained in the packages may not be used online in an unaltered state, or used directly from our collections for for purposes of posting an online gallery display, or repackaged, renamed and offered for download, or posted on social media sites. We re-created and altered the properties of the graphics, scans and photos into new images and curate the collections. You may post a link to our download directory so that crafters and bloggers can find the high quality art they wish for their projects.

Collections derived and created  from images declared copyright- free material released  into the

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