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Plant Nurseries And Growers In Pittsburgh



Soil Sisters Plant Nursery

Chapon's Greenhouse

Brenckles Greenhouse

Keystone Nursery and Large Trees
 - Brentwood, Pittsburgh

Hahn Nursery and Garden Center Meder's Garden Center

Plant Nurseries In Pennsylvania


Online Growers and Nurseries

Martha's Secrets
 -Cold Hardy Tropical Plants

Hirt's Gardens 
Birdsong Farm Ebay Store  Brighter Blooms
Pixies Garden on Amazon Burpee Perennials
The Flower Pot Nursery Georgia Vines
New Life Nursery and Garden
on Amazon
Nature Hills
My Perfect Plants Sacred Roots Nursery


Specialty Plant Growers and Nurseries
 - Ornamental and Fruit Trees, Specimen Plants, Trees, and Dwarfs


Succulents Box Helen's Perennial Water  Gardens
Ebay Store
Mr. Maple
-Japanese Maples
Online Orchards
Air Plant Shop Berries Unlimited
-Tissue Cultured, Small Fruit Plants

Mulches, Rocks, Gravel and Stone

Jim Jenkins Lawn and Garden Center Woehler Landscape Supply
(formerly Federouche)


Gardeners' Gardening Pages
- Favorite  personal pages


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