Growing A Garden Within A Garden In Containers

Space-Saving,  Controlled growth, Portable, and Perfect for Specimen plantings and to highlight outdoor seating areas.

Bamboo, Iris and Jade Trees in Pots

A great way to show off your garden on decks, balconies, and in flower beds as a main focal point.
Growing above-ground cuts back on weeding, and creates a nature theme on patios and backyard settings.

These are some of my succulents, vines, shrubs and trees growing in containers.


Puppy Gardening
This was sent to me, but no creator was credited. I thank the creator for making me smile.


I have lots of containers and planters in my landscapes, adding height and visual interest.
Easy to care for and moveable. Growth is also controlled. And less bending for me.

I include my above-ground and elevated raised beds as container gardens. 
Strawberry patches in raised containers/beds in front yard to protect them from rabbits.



 I have a few containers in the backyard, as well.
Rabbits are now confused and foiled.

Raised beds and bog garden

Elderberry Shrub in Zen Garden  

Red Dragon Dwarf Weeping Japanese Maple
In a bed in front of the house

Dwarf Koto No Ito Japanese Maple

Chinese Wisteria - Tree Form

"Snow Fountain" Dwarf Weeping Cherry Tree
Every branch entirely covered with white flowers in early spring

Dwarf "Thundercloud" Plum Tree. I use a container so that it's portable once i've seen it's mature size and have to move it, and i do not want tree roots near the foundation of 
my house. it's a great way to grow many trees and shrubs in a small place grouping.

I upcycled the cracked  top of a birdbath. I unscrewed it from it's base. 
It now sits on a rock edging in the front garden. The bowl is large but shallow, 
and the crack is small enough to allow good absorption and enough drainage 
for sedum and blue fescue. This perennial arrangement returns every spring.
Awesome for succulent plantings.

Clematis vines in containers at ground level climb up a trellis to the fence. Under a solar lantern. Clematis and honeysuckle do great in containers. They need discipline. They cover the top of the pot and climb on trellises or structures i want them to cover.

Cactus Bowl

Bunny Ears Cactus Bowl

Trailing Mezoo Red - A very pretty succulent for planting at the base of container plantings,
 in windowboxes, and in hanging baskets. Fast grower. These are not perennial, 
so i'll take a few cuttings indoors to try to over-winter new plants for spring planting outside.

Potted Tree Wisteria and Salvia containers. 
The Wisteria begins it's controlled shape and climbing career attached and trained to a fence panel.

Fern Pots

Peanut Cactus blooming in a shallow stone succulent container.



























Dwarf Japanese Dappled Willow trees in Pots

Dwarf clumping bamboo

Download These Free Container Garden Plans For Inspiration
Just click the pics for a .pdf format Design

All plans contain a larger version of the illustration, a detailed layout diagram, a list of 
plants  for the garden as shown, and complete instructions for installing the garden.

Get creative and choose plants that you love to complete the design of your garden.


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