My Peanut Cactus in Bloom.


All of my indoor plants spend the summers outdoors. Lots of growth happens before they go dormant.
Cactus and succulent plants reveled in this year's summer-long heatwave and drought. They also flowered like crazy.
Prickly Pear Cactus is cold hardy to Zone 5, so they live in my garden beds over the winter.
The cacti are treated as annuals and brought indoors for winter. Watering is cut back to about once a month for cactus.

Thannksgiving Cactus blooms during a summer outdoors.

19th century botanical illustration of a Peanut Cactus


Cactus Bowl - Golden Barrel, Mammillaria, 
Peanut and Fairy Castle cacti enjoy the summers outdoors.

Bunny Ear Cactus Bowl

Hard to believe that hummingbirds would hover over a cactus.

Trailing Mezoo Red - A very pretty succulent for planting at the base of
container plantingss, in windowboxes, and in hanging baskets. Fast grower.

Sedum and fescue growing in the broken top of a birdbath

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