This is a gardening and landscaping resource site, first and foremost. I offer graphics, some low res copies of my photography, and vintage illustration as packages, and as an added extra. I also offer images and copies of vintage recipes and other ephemera. These graphics are originally created compilations and collections of images. The artists  carry their own copyrights.

I had a lengthy statement that nobody took the time to read, so it's encapsulated below.

This is a non-profit site, except for my never-really-ready-for-posting affiliation with Amazon Books, and for certain graphics downloads. That's what  (supposedly) offsets the time and cost of developing, photographing, designing, editing and hosting my site.   I don't earn a living from this site. My allowace in the 60's was much more lucrative, and I didn't have to work nearly as hard.. Just sayin'.

Once the official unpleasant blahblahblah has been squared away, Enjoy Your Visit, I'm very glad you're here!


Graphics and Article Downloads purchased from
are protected under U.S. and International Copyright Laws  
as original photos, altered graphics or original "compilations"

A compilation is defined as a work formed by the collection and assembling of pre-existing materials or of data that are selected, coordinated, or arranged in such a way that the resulting work as a whole constitutes an original work of authorship. 

Individual free images in downloads may be used without further payment, permission or acknowledgment for non-commercial personal use only. You may also use up to ten of our vintage images within our collection for illustrations in offline publications or personal Web sites, if credit is given to the copyright holder, visibly as as creator of the graphics collection, photo or original graphic animation..

None of the graphics or photos used as the art specifically decorating my pages may be used for any reason.  They are unique to this site and its message. I do not license my photography. I do, however, occasionally custom design graphics for personal and commercial websites and commercial  print projects.

Most images bear a faint digital watermark containing my web address. Those that don't carry the mark were either created a very long time ago before i began watermarking, or were removed without permission. Regardless, package copyright stands, and watermarks/notice may not be removed from images, unless used only offline on your personal computer, or i had specifically given permission. 

You may print out pages of  my articles and instructions for your own gardening and landscaping usage.  
These articles or documents are for personal use only. They may not be revised and reprinted. My articles may be printed in hard copy to use in your personal gardening and landscaping hobby. 
Photos of my gardens and my landscaping design within the articles are not permitted to be shared. 
They belong solely to this site.

My photography may not be copied and used on social media for obvious reasons - social media does not protect my work. But i can still recognize my work regardless. Unfortunately, the photos posted on social media can be shared from "friend " to "friend's friends", downloaded, manipulated or sold without my written permission and used for profit or messaging that I don't approve of. There's no pleasant or easy way to track down where my work ultimately ends up and what it looks like when i find it. Some of my photos might easily identify me or my surroundings.

Images and site content may not be posted to Pinterest, Etsy, Instagram, Flickr, or any other collection-posting site.

Photographs and designs may not be posted to social media, included on a compilation CD or in a free graphics archive, download, .pdf or graphics collection site on the worldwide web or elswhere, without our knowledge and written premission. You may not copy or otherwise reproduce the images for redistribution or resale, whether in .pdf's, downloads, CD or any other format. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, re-publication, or display of the content of our downloads is strictly prohibited unless written permission. 

By reading this statement, you are agreeing to the terms of use of all artwork downloaded from this website or produced on disk


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