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I am quite pleased to declare that this site does not contain ads that would intrude upon your serenity and inner harmony while browsing.

There are pages of photos of my garden plants and methods of gardening, 
and instructions on designing landscapes with a theme. Habitat garden photos 
and designs (pollinators and birds) And great links to places on the web for 
gardening and botany from those who know best. There is a page for suggested reading. 

We're happy to be offering dozens of beautiful garden designs courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens as free .pdf downloads.

This is a personal site about My Gardens,  my methods 
of landscape design and gardening. Adventures and misadventures.
In my gardens, every inch in height and width that can hold a plant, will do so.

Lots of tips and hints, ideas and suggestions on how to 
make the most of your gardening space and landscaping

Articles on creating your own garden decor, theme gardens, advice on 
organic, non-chemical gardening, with natural fertilizers and pesticides. 

There's also a section for  downloads of vintage garden 
and nature artwork
, and a recommended garden library

We're working on a section  of the site devoted to wartime Victory Gardens. 
Lots of fascinating facts about the relationship between wartime rationing, 
patriotism, and the value of the American Victory Garden. Vintage imagery and recipes. 
You'll enjoy a visit to the most well-known historic garden theme in American history

"Women in The Garden" - Monet


Lots of eye candy - a collection of vintage ephemera images with gardening, 
nature and  floral themes. Including a section of  animated vintage 
artwork...Snow, moving water or sparkle added, and very pretty to look at. 
Most pages will  combine my photography,  along with 
vintage artistry for an atmosphere of past and present

"Woman In The Garden - Claude Monet

If you're planning a garden, don't leave before grabbing some 
free Garden Design Plans
downloadable in .pdf format. There are lots of them.
-courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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