Your patriotic duty did not end with planting and 
tending the family's Victory (or Defense) Garden 
and creating new ways to cook and eat mostly 
vegetables, without much in the way of seasonings.

Patriots were expected to preserve part of their crops 
to get through  the long winters of food rationing, 
and to supplement the small amounts of meat 
they were allowed. And the small amounts of rationed 
meat that was available, should also be preserved

The pamphlets offered are vintage canning and preservation guides utilized during both 
world wars and times of crisis, helping housewives deal with  food rationing, and other hardships. 

Preserve Your Victory Garden produce

To download a free copy of these vintage canning and preserving guides in .pdf format,
Click the pics below 

There's lots of nostalgia and neat stuff to learn about how and what was done to preserve our food 
supply when times were tough. And some recipes that can't easily be found today, if you're planning 
a veggie/Victory Garden, or are a beginner in the practices of sustainability and homesteading.


1944 Canning Guide

 From the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College
 and Polytechnic Institute  and the United States 
Department of Agriculture, Cooperating Extension Division.

Home Canning of Meat
US Archives Pretty beat up copy, but quite useable.


1948 Answers To Your Canning Questions 

1944 Wartime Canning of Fruits and Vegetables
Consumer Section, Dominion Department of Agriculture. 

Wartime Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables


1948 Canning Guide
Oregon State System of Higher Education 
Federal Cooperative Extension Service


1917 Balanced Meals With Recipes,
 food values, food drying and cold pack canning

 Lakeview Woman's Club, Chicago


1918 Home and Farm Food Preservation


Canning, Preserving and Pickling - 1914

Canning, Preserving and Pickling 1914


1920 Dehydrating Foods



1918 Everywoman's Canning Book

1917 Home Canning By The Cold Pack Method


Canning Fruits and Vegetables by Hot Air and Steam

1890 Canning Fruits and Vegetables by Hot Air and Steam




1917 How To Save Money On Food

1914 Preserving and Canning - For The Home Economist



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